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Custom On-Board Manifold Air System

Current build time for Multi-Tire Air Systems is 1-5 days, we appreciate your patience.
Regular price $200.00


Nobody does it quite like us, we build custom air solutions for your rig! We will work with you to develop the perfect onboard air solution for your rig.

Inflate or deflate all four (or two) tires at the same time and equalize tire pressures. We use all brass fittings, no plastic! Detachable hoses for easy packing & stowing, locking air-chucks.

Most solutions include:

  • Multi-Tire Inflation/Deflation System
    • Viair On-board Manifold with built-in digital gauge
    • Multi Tire Hoses
    • Airline kit
    • Carrying Bag
    • Sticker
    • Product Document

If you need custom length hoses or would like to add extra parts, please email for a custom order.