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What is the manifold?

The manifold is the main piece of the hose kit which the hoses connect to. It is the piece that has the gauge, valve & quick connects. From the manifold you can control the air flow using the red valve handle.

Is the manifold included in the hose kit?

Every hose kit includes a manifold.

Is the digital gauge included in the hose kit?

Every hose kit includes a digital gauge mounted to the manifold

What is an Air Chuck?

An air chuck is the piece at the end of the hose, it connects the hose to the valve-stem of your tires.

Can the hoses be disconnected from the manifold?

Yes the hoses can be disconnected from the manifold. We think this makes rolling up the hoses much quicker and easier.

When I am finished inflating my tires why do one or more tires show a different PSI than the others?

After you reach your desired PSI please leave the system connected for a minute to allow the tire pressure to equalize.

Can I use a PowerTank or CO2 Tank with your hose kit?

Yes, you can use a power tank with the straight 300PSI hose kit. Our hoses are tested at 160PSI before they are shipped. Please regulate your pressure to prevent hose failure.

How do I connect the FasterFlate hose kit to my air-source (compressor, CO2 Tank)?

This question varies depending on your air-source. Most compressors can be connected with the compressors provided air hose. If you need help locating the correct attachment don't hesitate to contact us at

What material is the hose?

The hose is made from a lightweight hybrid rubber & PVC blend.

How are your hose kits made?

We cut, crimp, and assemble every FasterFlate hose kit by hand. Each kit is inspected and tested by the owner before it is shipped.

Will you build me a custom length hose kit?

Absolutley! Please email

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