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FasterFlate started as a garage project fueled by a newbie off-roader's love for tinkering and frustration with the slow process of tire deflation. Just like you, I enjoyed the way lower tire pressures improved my ride and traction off-road, but the time spent airing down each tire felt like an eternity.

Early attempts, built with whatever I could find, weren't perfect. But hey, I'm stubborn (and maybe a little obsessed). So, after countless tweaks, busted knuckles, and enough trial-and-error to make MacGyver proud, the bright orange beast you see today emerged.

It wasn't just about building a product; it was about creating a solution that truly helped fellow off-roaders get back to the adventure faster. Starting with a buddy who saw the prototype's potential, that initial spark fueled the fire to refine and improve. In 2020, FasterFlate became a reality, based on the belief that better gear leads to more time spend on the trail.

My garage might still be the HQ, but the dedication remains the same. Every system is built with care, using the best stuff and feedback from real people like you to push the boundaries of what's possible.

FasterFlate isn't just an air system; it's a way to get on the trails faster and enjoy the ride more. We're all about efficiency, quality, and most importantly, the pure joy of off-roading.

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